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Dear friends and colleagues

In the name of the event´s Organizing Committee and of the Fundação Centro de Controle de Oncologia do Estado do Amazonas/FCECON (Center for Control of Oncology of the State of Amazonas Foundation) it is our great pleasure to welcome you to the 7th Pan-Amazon Congress of Oncology that will be held from November 23 to November 25, 2023.

This will be an in-person event, with on-line broadcasting of on-site presentations by guest speakers from Manaus, from other states and from overseas.

The main theme of this Congress is “Oncology Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment, Education and Management: A Cultural Issue.” This theme is in line with the mission of CECON, and the latest information and advances related to Oncology research will be presented during this event.

With a focus on cultural issues, participants will have the opportunity to hear and partake in current discussions, expand their knowledge on best practices, engage in networking and exchange experiences.

This year´s Congress will include the following topics:

In addition, transversal cultural issues will be addressed in topics linked to lifestyle, such as: mental health, eating habits, physical activity, as well as habits in a hospital environment. These issues can save lives and teach us valuable lessons.

The international part of the event will be dedicated to the exchange of experiences and practices with attendees from other countries. This will allow the field of Oncology in the State of Amazonas to gain an international aspect.

In addition, the event venue will provide space for the exhibition of Science Projects and for Oral Presentations. Approved abstracts will be published in the Congress Annals and in the Revista Scientia Amazonia journal. Partner companies (exhibitors) will offer workshops.

Manaus is a memorable city, with lush landscapes and a unique cuisine. Everyone deserves the opportunity to explore this region.

We look forward to welcoming you to our city!

Please join us. We are sure you will genuinely enjoy this event, which was prepared with joy and dedication.

Kátia Luz Torres Silva

Congress Chair