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FUNDAÇÃO CENTRO DE CONTROLE DE ONCOLOGIA DO ESTADO DO AMAZONAS (Foundation of the Oncology Control Center of the State of Amazonas)

This hospital unit, founded in 1974 as the Oncology Center (CECON), was renamed in 1989 as the Fundação Centro de Controle de Oncologia do Estado do Amazonas (FCECON). The Center, which will soon celebrate its 50th anniversary, provides a wide range of medical specialties and the latest treatments for cancer. As such, this institution has become a reference for cancer diagnosis and treatment in the western region of the State of Amazonas. Besides being widely known for its renowned clinical staff, the Foundation is highly regarded due to its involvement in Prevention, Teaching and Research. These fields were significantly expanded in the last few years, due to the increase in the number of anti-cancer campaigns and research projects involving the academic and medical communities, thus strengthening the State´s scientific endeavors. The Foundation has periodically organized capacity building programs for its team, which includes physicians, nurses, technicians, radiologists, pharmacists, psychologists, nutritionists, dentists, physiotherapists, social workers and speech therapists. The institution focuses strongly on a humanistic approach to treatment.
Source: FECON website

President: Gerson Antônio dos Santos Mourão
Financial and Administrative Director: Nilda Maria da Silva
Technical Director: Marco Antônio Cruz Rocha
Director of Research and Education: Kátia Luz Torres Silva