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  1. Abstracts must be submitted up to 10/24/2023 by 08:00 (GMT-4);
  2. Abstracts must be submitted online (the link is available below, under the item SUBMISSION);
  3. Abstracts sent by e-mail, WhatsApp or any other document transmission means shall not be accepted or processed by the event´s Committee for the Submission of Scientific Papers;
  4. The registered participant may submit up to two extended abstracts as the main author. The limit is up to 7 co-authors per abstract, that is, one main author and 7 co-authors, totaling 9 people;
  5. The author submitting an abstract and whose abstract has been approved must be in regular status by 10/23/2023 in regard to the payment of the registration fee. If the author is delinquent on the referred date, the related abstract will be excluded;
  6. The content and layout of the abstracts are the responsibility of the authors;
  7. Abstracts of papers that have already been presented or that refer to research studies in the planning stage shall not be accepted;
  8. The committee will accept original studies, systematic reviews with meta-analysis, case studies or case series, as well as reports on experiences related to the topics to be addressed at the event;
  9. The forwarding of scientific papers (abstracts) represents the author´s/authors´ full commitment to present the papers(s) in person, if the abstracts are accepted;
  10. The main author of the paper shall forward the Term of Consent to the Committee for the Submission of Scientific Papers. The Term of Consent shall be attached to the submitted extended abstract;
  11. The twelve (12) best abstracts evaluated by the ad hoc researchers will be forwarded for oral presentations. The other accepted abstracts shall be presented as e-posters. The Authors can get all the information referring to submissions under the Congress Participant field available on the Congress website.


  1. 1. The scientific papers shall be submitted in extended abstract format, with a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 pages;
  2. The extended abstracts shall follow the format of the available models and shall be submitted in Word format;
  3. The main author shall include the full name(s) of the institution(s) and of the co-author(s);
  4. The main author shall mandatorily highlight the category of the extended abstract and the theme the paper is related to in the submission form.
  5. However, the Scientific Committee may place the extended abstract under another category if the Scientific Committee deems it is more appropriate to do so.
  6. When submitting the papers the authors of the abstract shall present the expert report, in PDF format, issued by the Research Ethics Committee, such document issued for all research projects involving human beings (pursuant to CNS Resolution nº 466/2012, Circular Letter nº 166/2018-CONEP, which establish the rules for “case studies”) and all other rules applicable to animals (specific laws). The referred document shall be attached to the proper area on the website. For papers describing experiments on animals or human beings, the “Methodology” tab (experimental part) shall contain the number and the date of the approval document issued by the respective Ethics Committee;
  7. All extended abstracts shall be submitted in the Portuguese Language or in the English Language*;
    *Abstracts in the English Language submitted and accepted for presentation at the the Congress shall be presented in Portuguese.

2.1. Main Topics:

2.2. Rules for Preparing the Abstracts

  1. The rules for preparing the abstracts are detailed in a separate file:
    1. Original Study or Systemic Review (click here to download)
    2. Case Study or Series of Cases (click here to download)
    3. Report on Experiences (click here to download)
  2. Follow the guidelines specified in the rules above. To format your abstract accordingly, resort to the models available in item 2.3

2.3 Necessary Documents to Submit Papers

2.4 Send your Abstract



  1. The extended abstracts will be evaluated by ad hoc researchers invited by the event´s Scientific Committee. The evaluation process will be based on Scientific Quality and Writing criteria;
  2. The twelve (12) top extended abstracts evaluated by the ad hoc researchers will be forwarded for oral presentation format;
  3. The abstracts evaluation will be ready on November 14th. The acceptance letter will be sent to the main author email.
  4. The approved extended abstracts presented during the event will be published in the Scientia Amazonia journal (ISSN 2238-1910), as a supplement to the journal, according to the journal’s publishing calendar;
  5. All the papers presented during the event will receive the corresponding certificate;
  6. Awards for papers presented in e-poster format: the best e-poster under each category (original study, systematic review with meta-analysis, case study or series of cases) will be awarded. The first, second and third winners in each category will receive an Honorable Mention Certificate;
  7. Awards for Papers presented orally: the three top Papers presented orally will be granted awards. All Papers presented orally will receive Honorable Mention Certificates;
  8. The awards are non-transferable and will be granted to the main author(s) irrespective of the number of authors;
  9. The decisions of the Scientific Committee are unappealable.